I am a Fully Qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner teaching "The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme". This programme is RCM (Royal College of Midwives) accredited.
serving Greater Manchester, Stockport, Glossop and Cheshire.


The "Hypno" bit....

I thought it would be useful to explain the ‘Hypno’ in Hypnobirthing as some may have an incorrect idea of what hypnosis is.


Hypnosis is a method used for taking a person into trance, a state we naturally go in and out of every day. For instance, when we day dream, when we get “lost” in a good film or when we are drifting off to sleep.


When a person agrees to be part of a hypnotic show they are willing participants and expect to be asked to do silly things, the hypnotist then helps them feel less inhibited and so they are happy to go along with the fun. However, if at any point they didn’t want to do something they can decide not to, meaning that you are in control throughout.


In respect of birthing we use hypnosis in two different ways:


  • To help women change any fearful, negative expectations of birth they might have. When we move into a trance, the conscious, analytical side of the brain becomes side-tracked and we become much more open to suggestions (as we see with the stage hypnosis). We will then focus on building confidence, that birth, can be a positive experience in which a woman remains, calm, relaxed and in control.


  • To teach women, simple yet powerful techniques that ensure that they are able to remain emotionally and physically relaxed during labour. This then enables their body to work at its best. This will ensure that they are able to remain calm and in control throughout their labour no matter what turn their birthing takes.


Everything we teach on “The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme” is based on physiological and medical fact. In fact, there isn’t anything new to learn, we are just taking what the mind is doing and looking at it from a different perspective, making sure that you are using your mind in the best way possible to support a more comfortable and positive birth experience.



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