The "Wise Hippo Birthing Programme," is a complete antenatal course, which will give you all the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your birth. Using education, hypnotherapy techniques and deep relaxation, you will learn how to birth comfortably and calmly. This in turn, will significantly reduce the need for intervention and pain relieving drugs.

4 simple sessions...

The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is a complete antenatal programme that runs as 4 x 2 hr classes. A workbook, 8 MP3's and a video library full of birth videos are provided to support your practice at home.

Class One
  • Defining Hypnosis

  • Acknowledging Pain. (We don't just tell you that the pain is all on your head!)

  • The impact that fear has on your body

  • The Impact of Others

  • Taking charge of your thoughts

Class Two
  • Relaxation – the antidote to discomfort

  • Self-Hypnosis and Eyes Open Hypnosis

  • Time Distortion

  • Anchoring

  • Birth Partners Script

Class Three

  • Medical intervention

  • Alternative options for promoting comfort

  • Natural nudges of encouragement for your baby

  • Writing your birth plan/making your birth choices

  • Physical preparations for birth

  • Fear release session

Class Four
  • Soothing strokes and the power of positive touch

  • Great positions to give birth in

  • Humming your baby down – birthing your baby

  • The important roleyour birth partner

  • How to use the techniques during labour

  • Sea of Serenity – Birth Hypnosis session


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