During this 90 min session, I will help you to relax, in body and mind, encouraging you to let go of any negative or limiting thoughts. We will look at practical ways to help encourage your baby to move into the right position and through hypnosis, you will visualize your baby turning.

Hypnosis to turn a breech baby, session content

Hypnosis for relaxation-In some cases, the baby is breech because of the tension that the mother holds in the lower area of her body

Fear release exercise-Fear, anxiety, and stress can activate sympathetic mechanisms that result in tightening of the lower uterine segment.


Movements and stretches-In some cases, the baby just needs a little extra room to make the turn s/he needs to


Hypnosis for breech turn-We will do this together. Then after the session, you will be given access to this MP3 hypnosis track, so you can practise at home.


In a controlled study, 81% of breech mamas who received hypnotherapy had babies who turned, compared to 48% of those who didn’t!



If you come to me in Mellor, the cost of this course is £40

If you would like this session in your home, (dependant on the area) the cost is £60

If you would like to do this session on line, via Zoom (A bit like Skype) the cost is £40.


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