If you think that an induction is the right choice for you and your baby, then this session will help you prepare, understand your options, and create a specific induction birth plan to make sure you have the best experience possible. Despite being considered “high risk”, it is still possible to birth on the MLU, use the birthing pool, use your Hypnobirthing techniques etc. You just have to know the right questions to ask, when to ask and who to talk to!
This 90 min sessions includes:
1.      Reasons for your induction
2.     Where to find respected medical research to be able to make your decision about having           an induction
3.     Who to meet to discuss your induction options (There are several different options with           various pro and cons.)
4.     How to get this meeting
5.     What questions to ask at this meeting-After discussion, I will write you a set qns  
6.     Creating an induction birth plan.
7.     Tips on how to have a better induction-the things the hospital won’t tell you!
8.     If you are hypnobirthing, how to use the techniques you have already learnt, to aid your           induction.
9.     Things you can do to encourage labour to start naturally before your induction date.
10.   A relaxation session to keep you calm and relaxed about your induction
After the session you will receive:
·       Positive induction birth stories.
·       The relaxation MP3 track to keep you calm and relaxed. You should listen to it regularly
·       Your completed induction birth plan.
·       A list of practitioners/websites/articles that could help with going into labour naturally.
Note: You do not need to have done a Hypnobirthing course to benefit from this workshop.
This is a private session, so we can agree the date/time between us. I can do most evenings and weekends and I have some daytime availability.
Your birth partner does not need to attend this session, though they are welcome to come if you would like them to.
If you come to me in Mellor, the cost of this course is £40
If you would like this session in your home, (dependant on the area) the cost is £60
If you would like to do this session on line, via Zoom/Skype, the cost is £40.
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