Calm and relaxed-"the most empowering thing I've ever done!"

As a scared pregnant woman for the 1st time, I tried something called Hypnobirthing. It helped me so much with my fear of pregnancy, birth and becoming a mum, that I decided to train to become a teacher so I could spread the word to other women. I went on to have another 3 children and along the way, I descovered the magic of placenta encapsulation and then trained to become a placenta specialist myself.


It might sound strange, given what I do, but I don't really see myself as a "birthy" person. I see myself as someone who empowers women to take control of their fears. To embrace any changes that come with pregnancy and to take control of the process of giving birth-To help them to have a positive birth, no matter what the situation.


My four pregnancies and births have all been very dufferent (I had 1 premature birth, due to undiagnosed Gestational diabetes, 3 Gestational Diabetes pregnancies on insulin, 3 inductions, 2 labours in water, 2 MLU births, 2 CLU births, and 4 births with an under active thyroid.) but all were very positive and massively empowering, due to the Hypnobirthing techniques I learnt, and also the knowledge I was armed with on the course that gave me the confidence to ask questions and do the research to enable me to become my own advocate. This, and working alongside our amazing NHS. All my pregnancies were high risk, but all options were available to me once I researched and asked the right questions, and I was respected and supported in all my deceisions, by the Stepping Hill birthing team-Massive shout out to Dr Bell and Jane O'Brian. (Email me if you'd like my birth stories.) 

The phrase that makes me twitch when I hear it out and about is "I have been told I am not allowed to do that, or I wasn't given a choice." I want to ask if they were told the pros and cons, the percentage chance of those risks, did they do their research and ask to see the studies?

It's your body, your baby, your birth, but if you don't know your options, then you don't have any. 

If there is an easier way to give birth, then it makes sense to me to do that by using Hypnoirthing. If there is a gentle way to ease myself into the first few months of motherhood, then it makes to me to do that by taking placenta capsules. 

Oh and Hypnobirthing is for everyone, no matter your situation or how you are choosing to birth. If you want all the drugs or none of the drugs. Planned c-section or vaginal birth. Induction or spontaneous. Every type of birth can be a positive, empowering experiencing. But don't just hope for that-plan for it! 

hypnobirthing manchester, hypnobirthing stockport
hypnobirthing manchester, hypnobirthing stockport
hypnobirthing manchester, hypnobirthing stockport
As a hypnobirthing practitioner....​

Inspired by the experience of birthing my children, I am fully committed to improving the birthing experience for all women.


I will teach you techniques to help you stay focussed during labour so you are able to distance yourself from any discomfort and have a positive experience that you are in control of.


The knowledge you will gain will help you to feel confident about making the choices that are right for you and your baby.

As a Drama Teacher.....​

Before becoming a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner, I worked for many years as a Head of Drama in a Secondary School. Here I developed the communication skills and techniques for leading successful Hypnobirthing sessions.


My confidence and ability as an educator means that I can remove barriers and break the ice, and make everyone feel involved. That said, I promise there won't be any "Drama games!"


As a mother....​

I feel the benefits of hypnobirthing long after my childrens births, as Hypnobirthed babies:



  • Are often more relaxed and calm (meaning that they cry less!)

  • Often adjust better to new surroundings.

  • Often eat and and sleep better.

  • Are often more confident.

  • Often have less colic and digestive problems.

  • Often establish breastfeeding more easily.